Welter S.A.

Design, develop, and produce

Electric Actuators for many uses in

Agriculture Machines, Construction and Industrials,

Marine, Hospital, Personal Care,

Furniture, Home, etc.

Business Areas

Linear Atuators

Our wide range of Linear Actuators were designed for working free of maintenance, for inddors such as outdoors,  in hostile ambients, with temperatures up to 95ºC. Without air compressed, nor oil, without filters, hoses, etc. Without leakage possibility.

Available to work with loads from 12 kg up to 680 kg. with the possibility to manter the load.
Velocity from 5 to 76 mm/seg. Stroke lengths 12,7 mm to 800 mm. in 12 and 24 VDC. Ball bearing Screw and Acme Screw. also each product is available for some options such as brakes, clutch, end of stroke switches, Hall Effect Signals, Feedback, etc. 

Rotary Actuators

Our Rotary Actuators were designed to be use with pulleys, pinenut,etc. that permit to move longer distances comparing with the Linear Actuators, made within small dimentions. Available in torques from 180  and up to 1200 RPM revolutions. Available for outdoors working, 12 and 24 Vdc voltage.
This family has the option with clutch, electronic feedback, Hall effect,  these features make these actuators able to use in many situations.

Actuator´s Contol System

Our Control Systems were designed specifically as a support of each actuator´s families and as a warranty of a perfect working. Our Actuator´s Control System were designed with the thermal protections for the Actuator´s motors.

Special Products

We design and install Special Systems. Respect with the client´s requirements we design an Special Electronic for each Linear Actuator Family.