Linear Electric Actuators Metallic

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Introduction / Warranty

Introduction To achieve the wide amount of customer needs satisfaction,  our ACTUATORS  have been developed from the design under strict quality rules, which allowed the ISO 9001 Certification  in 2000 series, and the Security Rule ISO 14.982-1998 that concerms  in Electromagnetic Compatibility required by European Market. Our Actuators have been conceived for free maintenance along […]… More info

Technical Data

Electric Plugs Optional:Welact 1:Bipolar plugs are provided by the supplier: Male plug  is set in the actuator wires, while female plug including both pins are set in the appropriate packaging.Coding:Male Plug: 5005R02Male Pins: 5005PTL Female Plug: 5005P02Female Pins: 5005STL Welact 2-10-100:Bipolar plugs are provided  by the supplier: Male plug  is set in the actuator wires, while […]… More info

Applications and Uses

The great variety  of Welact Linear and Rotary Electric Actuators, permit to show only some typical uses in each of the different ranges viewed  following:   The defferent categories are:  Agriculture uses  Industrial and Construction Machines uses Personal Care and Hospital uses Office and home uses General uses Agricultural Machines:  Fertilizer Spreader:-Adjust the spreading flow and the flow angle. Seeding […]… More info


Principal Advantages Compact Without hoses, filters, accumulators, etc. Adjustable  length   for some models. Free maintenance operation.Without hydraulic nor air leakage. Friendly and easy installation, only two wires. Some models with feedback for indexing control. Hold loads without electric energy. All DC (Direct Current) products are available for outdoors. ReliabilityWelact actuators hold high quality components produced under […]… More info

Quick Guide for Installation

1) In case an actuator is used to change linear to circular movement, is strictly necessary  that the fixed mountings are in the same plane, alignment, to permit the actuator a free rotation, thus when the actuator starts to extend it can turn freely. 2) Equally than the above, linear to circular movement, Remember that […]… More info

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can two or more actuators be synchronized ?No, it is not possible, never two motors work at the same rate, this problem may produce a bending effect. 2) Can actuators work above the load rate?No, this fact may affect the life adversely. 3) What is the Duty Cycle and how it may affect the […]… More info

Products Selection

First stepDetermine Load Vs. Speed:See each actuator section chart  to find the best relationship between Load Vs Speed. Second StepCompare  Life Vs. Duty cycleCompare the actuator performance based in Life Vs.Load and Duty Cycle Vs. Load charts. Third StepSelect stroke lengthTo choose  the desired length,  check from the Quick Reference Guide or from the specific […]… More info