Our Company

The enterprise started the operations in Bell Ville city in 1953 with its founded Mr. Federico Alfredo Welter  with a little factory, producing parts, spare parts and services for agricultural machines. then it was relocated in Córdoba city, for producing also hydraulic and car parts for majors and terminal industries.

At the beginning of 1995, the factory started with the electric

actuators design and development, moving to a new plant at the end of 2003, trying to supply actuators in quality and quantity to our Argentinian costumers.
From 2006 year IMW S.A. started with the Export Plan working hard in some keys, to keep an International Market along the time, following are: Reliability, Cost, Service, Respect and Trust with our CLIENTS.
In this way we achieved many objetives such as the Certification of many International Rules, Continuing Improvement in Process and Product and the imperious need of increasing our Capability with the construction of a new Industrial Plant for External Clients.

With the objective of satisfying a wide spectre of clients, ours actuators has been developed from its design sob stricts quality measure,  thereby we certificate an ISO 9001 rule, and the Electromagnetic Compatibility ISO 14.982-1998 required for the European Market.
Ours Actuators have been developed Free of Maintenance along the life with intermittent cycles. The Welact are ideal for positioning, liftings, openings, and many other uses.




IMW S.A. Part of Exporting Companies of the Province Cordoba