Products Selection

First step
Determine Load Vs. Speed:
See each actuator section chart  to find the best relationship between Load Vs Speed.

Second Step
Compare  Life Vs. Duty cycle

Compare the actuator performance based in Life Vs.
Load and Duty Cycle Vs. Load charts.

Third Step
Select stroke length

To choose  the desired length,  check from the Quick Reference Guide or from the specific actuator pages.

Fourth Step
Verify design considerations:
Duty Cycle: Welact actuators are able to run at 25% rated  at maximum load. Duty cycle is the time the actuator works vs. cooling time.For example 25% Duty cycle in one minute cycle means, that the actuator runs 15 seconds and then must be stopped for 45 seconds.

Side loading and shock loading restrictions:Our actuators may support light shock loading. It is recommended to decrease or remove this kind of loads.Side loading, loads are not axial with actuator axis, may dramatically reduce life.
Cantilever mounting should be eliminated to avoid rod bending.Kind of mounting: We have one kind of mounting with two parallel pins.

Fifth Step
Control Selection:

See the Control System Section  or in the actuator specific pages for choosing   each actuator control. 

For best actuator performance, to avoid premature fault, rod bending, etc it is recommended to install the support with U shape, NEVER with cantilever mounting.