Applications and Uses

The great variety  of Welact Linear and Rotary Electric Actuators, permit to show only some typical uses in each of the different ranges viewed  following: 

 The defferent categories are:

 Agriculture uses

 Industrial and Construction Machines uses

Personal Care and Hospital uses

Office and home uses

General uses

Agricultural Machines:

 Fertilizer Spreader:
-Adjust the spreading flow and the flow angle.

Seeding Machines:
-Adjust the amount of seeds required for a particular field.

Bunker Self-Dischargeable:
Actuate the bottom door.
-Regulate the higher way.

Combine Harvesters:
– Main Motor accelerator
– Main Motor Stop
– High to low in combine forward shifting
– Adjust the fan revolutions.
– Take force from main motor clutch.
– Take force for platform  
– Raise the upper grain cover
– Adjust the gap between the cylinder and the concave.
– Adjust the revolution of the platform twirl.
-Open the door grain discharge.
-Straw Spreader. 

– Main Motor accelerator
– Main Motor Stop
– Automatic Stair

Corn Header:  
– Adjust the  foil gap for cane entrance.

Soja-Wheat Header:
Adjust the header revolutions.
-Adjust the position forward-back of the header.
-Adjust the header cutting angle.

Round Baler:  
– Activate the thread to tie the bale.

Forage Harvester :
– Turn the main tube
– Activate the higher path

Construction and Industrial Machines:


-Adjust the pressure among the floor and the brush.

 Lawn Mower:
-Adjust the cutting height and the basket containing.

Contruction Machines:
-Stop the main motor.
-Lift the engine hood.
-Openning the doors.
-Raise the stairs.

Personal Care and Hospital uses:
-Adjust the stretchers and the gynaecological tables.
-For constructing the Ray X and Mammographos Equipment.
-Regulate the hospital beds.
-Regulate the Wheelchair.
-Adjust the dental chair.
-Adjust tables and hospital working tables

 Furniture and Home:
-Adjust the difficult access windows.
-Adjust ducts of ventilation.
-Adjust recliners for headrest and footrest.
-Adjust relaxations beds.

General Uses:
-Push  the product into the  conveyors.

Adjust helms, doors, lift tables, adjust the TV antennas, regulate valves, etc.

Swing and barrier gates.
Adjust Solar Screens.
Openning Doors.
Lift tables.
Raise Flat screens at home and at Buses.
Bus and van doors.
Floor cleaning Machine.
Mobile Traffic Signs and Products Advertising.
Adjust spoilers.
-Tilti the cabins.

Cream, Ice cream and Painting Mixers.
Adjust jewel tables.
Adjust Posters in Supermarket.
Adjust wind turbine.
Regulate oven sensors.
Automatic ovens doors opening and ventilation.