Principal Advantages

  • Compact
  • Without hoses, filters, accumulators, etc.
  • Adjustable  length   for some models.
  • Free maintenance operation.Without hydraulic nor air leakage.
  • Friendly and easy installation, only two wires.
  • Some models with feedback for indexing control.
  • Hold loads without electric energy.
  • All DC (Direct Current) products are available for outdoors.

Welact actuators hold high quality components produced under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management.The Record of raw materials, productive process and final assembly allow us keeping the product tracing.

Utilized energy
Our products require electric energy only, perform a smooth and clean movement without using any kind of fluid. They need electric energy for moving but never for being quiet.

Welact actuators work properly in compression such as in tension, also they are able to keep the load without power indefinitely.

With two parallel pins in both ends of the actuator are enough to support from the brackets

Gaskets and Seals
Many gaskets and seals allow actuators work in dusty, oily and wet environment, although they are not sinkable  nor waterproof.This feature, we have seen before, allows the actuators work with the same performance in either outdoors such as indoors.

Kind of Threads
Both kind of threads are available, Acme and Ball bearing screw. Models 1, 2, and A10  hold Acme screw, while B10 and 100 models are equipped with Ball Bearing screw.

Movement Direction
Welact actuators  are able to push such as pull loads from 1 to 500 kgs. and move up until 609.60mm