Introduction / Warranty


To achieve the wide amount of customer needs satisfaction,  our ACTUATORS  have been developed from the design under strict quality rules, which allowed the ISO 9001 Certification  in 2000 series, and the Security Rule ISO 14.982-1998 that concerms  in Electromagnetic Compatibility required by European Market.

Our Actuators have been conceived for free maintenance along the useful life with intermittent working cycles.
The welact family are ideal for raising, positioning, opening, closing of many elements in the industry.

This manual has the whole information for electric and mechanic installation, as well as the technical  features for the right operation.
Please, read carefully this  instructions before installing and operating the equipment.

PATENT  N° 010100386


Industrias Mecánicas Welter S.A. warrants to the customer that will repair or replace any product that would had  material or manufacture defect during 1 (one) year  from the production date by our enterprise or dealer. This is a nonnegotiable Warranty.

The warranty will be performed in our plant.Before performing the warranty, the client must present the receipt or the Original invoice to the dealer that sold the product.

Once found the defect within the warranty terms, the product will be repair or replace in the case the first option is not viable, otherwise whether the found defect is not within the warranty we will advise and with your accord and cost will be repaired or replaced.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects coming from an accident, negligence, or unpropitious  installation, operation, etc.

Industrias Mecánicas´s obligation under this warranty is enclosure for repairing or replacing the product and NEVER extend to indirect damages that the actuator might produce, such as other parts or other machines breakage, other bodies or installations.