Welact Welact actuator 300 and 300P with feedback:

These actuators have the possibility, linking with the control, in feedback position where the piston is via the use of a display or a control knob provided by. Furthermore this actuator has the possibility of multiple breakpoints if we integrate a control system programable.Además unlike other families the W300 family own anti-rotation on the shaft and also has W300M piston position detection with external inductive sensors (SME-8-K-LED-24 proximity sensor Reed Switch Code.), W300F Electrical Purposes,, W300FPLC race for remote connection. Welact 300 is available in 125 kg load, whereas Welact 300P is available in 400 kg load. They are available in the following courses: 50.8-101.6-203.2-304.80-457.20 and 609.60 mm