1) Fully insulated from the weather, let you work both indoors and outdoors. (IP 65)

2) Available in tours and 609.60 50.8-101.6-203.2-304.80-457.20

3) Peak force. Welact 300 125 kg. Welact 300P 400 kg.

4) No maintenance requirements.5

) 25% Percentage of operation at full load.

6) Five speeds.

7) stainless steel piston.

8) Acme Screw with brass nut.

9) analog-digital electronic feedback system.

10) All models with anti-rotation rod 300 has.

11) W300F have internal career purposes.

12) it has a magnetic W300M that allows operation with proximity sensors Reed Switch Code. SME-8-K-LED-24.

13) W300F PLC has the option to send the signal from the sensor remotely.