1) Applicable for 12 and 24 VDC.

2) Available in tours 50.8-101.6-203.2-304.8-457.20-609.6-800.1-1000mm

3) Peak force. Welact 4125 Welact 4P 300 kg and 400 kg.4

) No maintenance requirements.

5) 25% Percentage of operation at full load.

6) Five speeds.

7) stainless steel piston.

8) Acme Screw.

9) Protected for outdoors

10) Stem with non-rotating

11) Versions M detection inductive sensors (.-K-LED-24 SME-8 proximity sensor Reed Switch Code), F to end internal career, Hall H with encoder A and B effect connection PLC system remote.

12) Internal safe to avoid overloads.