Compact, economic for general use

Compact actuator designed for moving light  loads, suitable for working as much inner as outdoors. This joins many features of major price products. The movement is generated by a strong and reliable Acme screw.

According with its features, the welact 2 needs no brake for keeping the static load.It has a slip clutch that activates when it arrives to the preset load or when arrives to either end of the piston. This actuator, for intermittent uses is interchanged with hydraulic and pneumatic choice.


We have some controls available for Welact 2 actuators. according with client needs.

SCAS-W210-12/24: Simple System Actuators Control for W2 and W10 families.

SCACR-W210-12/24: Wireless Actuators Control System for W2 and W10 families.

SCACD-W210-12/24:    Far away Actuators Control System  for W2 and W10 families.

Remember that all models of boxes include thermal  overload protection for motor.