Special Designs

Our experience from 40 years ago producing parts  for Automotive Terminals Enterprises and for Agricultures Machinery gave us the real possibility to know the clients problems respect of  assembly lines, and automation,  agriculture machinery móbil parts and industrial machinery.

 With a close service for our clients we have introduced a complete service like the Electric and Mechanic projet to minimize the risk of problems among both systems.
We design the complete system using our Electric Actuators with the special electronics for each client. We also give the differents training and support diuring the instalation and in the post-sale situation.

Some examples of special systems are:
Development for Car Assembly Plants: Designed a system  for automating  conveyors to transport parts for vehícules using Actuators WB10 EH without external sensors, without hoses with air nor with oil only  using specific electronic.

Development in Filling Bottles: Integral System to handle finished products with Welact 2 and Welact L1 actuators asociated with and electronic.

Development in Paper Plants using actuators with feedback like Welact 100 and Welact 200 series also associated with the electronic.

Some Enterprises that trust in our products are: Volkswagem, Mercedes Benz, Firestone, AGCO Argentina   AGCO do Brasil, Mainero, Vassalli Fabril,  Claas Argentina,  etc.

Following we show an example of one System used.