General Specifications:

Input: 12 and 24 Vdc.
Stroke length: 50.8-101.6-203.2-304.80-457.20 y 609.60
Load Capability: 125 kg.
Duty Cycle: 25% at maximum load .
Motor Protection: Without motor protection (inside the motor) (our Control System get the protection like standard ).
Thermal Protection for 12 Vdc-  (Standard, Rapid and extrarapid): Polyswitch 15 amp.
Thermal Protection for 12 Vdc-  (Slow) Polyswitch 4 amp.Thermal Protection for 24 Vdc-  (Standard, Rapid and Extrarapid) : Polyswitch 7 amp.
Thermal Protection for 24 Vdc-  (Slow): Polyswitch 2 amp.
Limit Switch: Optional External Adjustable.
Acme Screw
Temperature Range: -26 to 65 ºC.
External Housing: Aluminum, protected with epoxi painting.
Enviroment Protection: IRAM 2444/82 IP 65
Enviroment Test:  96 hour salt spray tested.
Wire Section and Diameter: 2.6 mm2 y O 1.8mm
Optional Plugs: See Specific Section.
Mounting: U shape o similar.
Start/stop torque: 1,15 kgm.
Static Loads: 750 kg.
Life: According with different models.
Packaging Measure: Length: 575 mm; Width: 160 mm; Height: 90mm.