General Specifications:

Input Voltage: 12 y 24 VCC
Wires Section: 2.6 mm y O 1.8mm
Available: from 50 to 1000 RPM.
Available Torque: de 20 a 150
Motor Protection: Without protection in the motor  (ower control boxes have a stasndart protection)
Termal Protection for 12 vdc: Polysw. 15 amp
Termal Protection for 24 vdc: Polysw. 7 amp
End of Stroke: No With internal Clutch
Temperatura Range: -26 a 65 ªC 
External Housing: Aluminum
Enviroment Protection: IRAM 2444/82. IP 65
Enviroment Test: 96 hs salt spray tested.
Optional Plugo (see specific section)
Assembly: With U shape.
Packaging Box Measure: Length 250 mm; Width  250 mm; Height 90 mm