General Specifications:

Input Voltage:: 12 and 24 vdc
Stroke length: 25.4–50.8-101.6-152.4mm
Load Capacity:12 and 25 kg -50 and 75 kg.
Note: Actuators with 75 kg are available with 75kg for pushing and 50 kg for pulling. Excepto 75kg tienen 15% a la max carga.
Duty Cycle: 25% at max load. Except  75kg with 15% at máx load.
Motor Protection: With Motor protection.
Limit Switch: Yes internal fixed, External Adjustable.
Screw: Acme.
Temperature Range: -26 a 95 ªC.
External Housing: Aluminium with Epoxi protection.
Enviroment Protectione: IRAM 2444/82. IP 65
Enviroment Test:  96 hs salt spray tested.
Section of Wires: 1 mm2 y Ø 1,1 mm
Plugs: Optional. (see specific section)
Start-Stop Torque: 23
Static Load: 150 kg.
Cycles: 145.000 cycles
Packing Box Meassure:: Length 295mm; Width 105mm; High: 60mm